ESG & Sustainability: Our Approach

With the capability to help you execute your sustainability strategy at all stages of the property lifecycle – from achieving net zero to biodiversity net gain – we can help you shape a better world from the ground up, starting today.


Helping Clients Achieve their Sustainability Goals


ESG and sustainability are crucial in all aspects of the property lifecycle and the built environment.

Our ESG & Sustainability team at BNP Paribas Real Estate and Strutt & Parker can help you to put sustainability at the heart of your property strategy at every stage of your property journey.

From early buying, selling and leasing advice bringing you up to speed on what's current and new in sustainability legislation, right through to carbon reduction and offsetting residual carbon, we are uniquely placed to help you deliver sustainable real estate and land solutions.





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We are fully committed to keeping our business on track towards a green and profitable future. We are proud to have been net-carbon neutral since 2017, but we don’t stop there. We aim to use our real estate expertise to support climate change mitigation and help develop smart and sustainable real estate solutions for our clients.

As a Commercial Partner of The UK Green Building Council, we see our corporate responsibility and sustainability commitments as a core driver of our activities and a powerful lever of innovation and performance in the built environment.

We strive to continually reduce the direct and indirect impact of our external activities and our own operations, and use environmental quality as a lever of tangible and intangible performance improvement to help shape a better world, from the ground up.

Our ESG & Sustainability Services

Property Management
Project Management
Building Consultancy

Looking to raise the bar on ESG management of your properties?


As part of the BNP Paribas group, we are known leaders in developing and implementing sustainable approaches.  We advise some of the world's largest investor, funds and corporate occupiers on ESG strategies to help them plan successful and sustainable futures for their real estate assets and portfolios.

With over 40 specialists across EMEA and a dedicated UK sustainability team, we help your properties push the boundaries with innovative, integrated and bespoke solutions to enhance the sustainability performance, occupier engagement and social and economic value of your buildings.

We provide a service tailored to your project and ambitions to drive innovation and achieve enhanced sustainability performance and value.  Our key advisory services include:

  • Strategy
  • Regulatory & voluntary reporting
  • Building certifications
  • SaaS
  • Environmental compliance
  • Health and well-being
  • Social value
  • Waste management
  • Energy management services 

Creating new ESG spaces for your property asset?


Our project management team offers a full range of services to help our investor and corporate clients push the ESG boundaries on their new build, retro-fits and fit-out construction schemes. 

These include:

Preparing project execution plans and working with you to establish a brief that will match your sustainability and wider ESG vision.

Developing strategies for the design and construction phase based on the three key principles of reducing, re-cycling and re-using at all times.

We manage consultants to help ensure project hits targeted accreditation of MEES modelling, Nabers, BREEAM, SKA, Wired and Well accreditations.

Assessing the project's success with an operational review post completion that will provide peace of mind that your ESG objectives have been successfully delivered.

Planning ahead for a sustainable development future?


Demonstrating sustainable development for new residential or commercial developments is already a key factor in gaining planning consent.  The introduction of the new Environment Bill (due 2022) will demand more as all planning applications will need to show biodiversity net gain. 

Our planning and development teams work together to help you identify opportunities for sustainable residential and commercial development, from advising on retaining existing infrastructure to building future development longevity and preparing for the new biodiversity targets. Our planning team sustainability advice covers:

Planning policy requirements for renewable energy, EV charging and energy consumption standards that go beyond Building Regulation requirements.

Requirements for the protection of existing habitats and providing ecological enhancements.

Planning applications and permitted development opportunities for renewable energy.

If mitigation is needed for any planning application, we collaborate with our development teams to identify new opportunities and mediate agreements between developers and landowners.

Ready for the rising challenges of sustainable development?


The rise and rise of ESG is increasing demands from users of residential and commercial properties to meet their growing needs and expectations in this area.  These strong environmental and social impact drivers are helping to attract investment and drive values in both sectors. 

Our development and planning advisory teams ensures your residential or commercial development is planned to understand and maximise ESG opportunities.

Working across all asset classes we help you think ahead to identify and maximise ESG opportunities in your development projects to help improve their marketability and long term asset values. 

We underpin our transaction and consultancy advice with in-depth, in-house market insight and expertise as well as crucial buyer and tenant feedback to enable you to plan for the future.

Buying a new property or looking to improve ESG levels of a current asset or portfolio? 


Our high level ESG reports, undertaken at technical due diligence stage, help you mitigate ownership or occupation risks whilst our MEES compliance reports provide budget estimates for improving EPC ratings or developing detailed net zero carbon reporting.

Once ESG requirements are identified, we integrate required improvements into planned maintenance programmes to reduce both costs and disruption to occupiers. Detailed budget estimates and real time data reporting help you track progress

Improvement works are managed by our construction team for cost, quality and programme peace of mind.

Seeking ESG advice on a valuation or appraisal of property or land?


ESG factors are an increasingly important part of the real estate decision making process. When buying a building or looking for loan security finance we advise on how ESG factors have impacted our valuation.  To help you plan ahead we also offer holistic advice around future opportunities and threats to highlight potential impact on the long term value of your properties.

Our reporting advice can be structured to give you an overall valuation figure and to assess the direct and indirect impact that different ESG factors have had on the valuation assessments we offer.

Whether you are a Bank or an Investor, we provide bespoke due diligence and other reports to add into your credit or investment committee submissions.

Seeking new ESG opportunities?


We help our clients navigate change, explore opportunity and realise their ambitions for a financially and environmentally sustainable future.

As we enter a period of rapid transformation in the countryside, with key drivers including Brexit, climate change, radical advances in technology and changing public expectations of what land should be used for, sustainability is at the top of every single agenda.

As part of BNP Paribas Group, our Strutt & Parker rural teams bring together a unique mix of financial and property expertise. Whether you are a private client, investor or corporate our teams can advise you across every service and discipline from farming, forestry and viticulture to natural capital, renewable energy and biodiversity.

"When it comes to sustainability, we believe actions speak louder than words"

Etienne Prongue, CEO, BNP Paribas Real Estate UK

Our Commitment to Shaping a Better World

In February 2021, we announced our membership of the UK Green Building Council (UK GBC), an organisation that has been working to improve sustainability in the built environment since 2007.

As a Group, BNP Paribas has been committed to an ESG agenda for over 15 years and our membership of the UK GBC strengthens this dedication further.

To find out more about the Group’s expertise and how we help our clients unlock new opportunities and achieve their ESG goals, click below.




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