Investment Management

Our Investment Management team delivers best-in-class services and helps our clients achieve outstanding long-term performance. 

Our experienced team provides the full spectrum of real estate investment management services to help you invest in commercial property throughout Europe. As part of a global bank, our financial and real estate expertise allows us to offer a unique combination of high-level information and local knowledge, helping our clients to make intelligent, informed decisions.

Asset Management

We are among Europe’s largest asset managers, with teams in eight countries managing more than 1,500 buildings. This gives us a deep understanding of international markets, and we work closely with in-house investment professionals and researchers to improve returns on every investment we make for our clients. 

Club Deals

We bring together groups of like-minded investors from around the world and arrange profitable deals that they would not be able to access individually. With our detailed knowledge of European markets, we are able to make intelligent investments that are tailored to meet our clients’ objectives.

Separate Accounts

We work with clients from around the world to establish separate accounts and develop bespoke solutions that enable them to invest in European real estate. As part of a global bank, we have a strong culture of compliance, transparency and reporting.

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