We work as a long-term strategic partner across all property sectors, minimising premises’ rating assessments and managing rates payments with trusted financial reporting. 

When it comes to managing and reducing business rates liabilities, our proactive service is built on accurate forecasting and timely reporting. We constantly identify opportunities for rate savings and act swiftly to ensure our clients pay the right level of tax. We actively monitor our appeal and mitigation strategies so that we always present the most compelling case and, as part of the BNP Paribas Banking Group, we work to the most rigorous compliance procedures.

Rates Mitigation

We continuously monitor our clients’ portfolios and actively seek to reduce liabilities beyond the usual appeals process, as well as tracking portfolio changes to maintain accurate levels of assessment. Our aim is to ensure that all changes are swiftly identified and reflected in our clients’ liability. We work to ensure that new incentives, legislation and case law are correctly interpreted and applied by councils and the Valuation Office Agency. 

Historic Rates Audit

A retrospective rates audit is a way of recovering overpaid money since the advent of the current rating system in 1990. Using specialist software, we audit former properties and client companies, ensuring past and present charges are correct. Unlike our competitors, we do not impose a de minimis recovery amount.

Rating Appeals

Our Check Challenge Appeal strategies are agreed with each client and carefully timed to present the strongest tactical case for minimising rates liabilities. We prioritise those properties most adversely affected by a revaluation and keenly identify additional opportunities. We always work for the correct result, not the quickest.

Rates Management

Rates Management is a fundamental part of our service, offering accurate forecasting and budgeting for our clients. Our account managers work together with our surveyors to identify savings opportunities and remit money swiftly in line with KPIs. 

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