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The real estate industry is undergoing a transformative shift, with no sector left untouched. Demographic and technological advancements are opening up exciting avenues for investors in both established and emerging asset classes. We delve into how the market is adapting to these broader changes, providing data-driven insights and forecasts across the property sectors.



Etienne Prongué, Chief Executive Officer

"Conditions are already ripe for anybody able to start digging foundations in the next 12 months, willing to take a refurbishment risk, or understands local supply and demand dynamics in sub-markets that will see the biggest overflows of occupiers seeking to find prime sustainable office space."




What opportunities are there for Grade B offices?

Etienne Prongue, CEO, BNP Paribas Real Estate UK

Do you expect deal activity to pick up for offices in 2024?

Richard Choi, Head of UK Real Estate Advisory, BNP Paribas UK

Can you tell us about the economic viability of converting secondary product into Prime?

Caroline McDade, National Head of Planning

What do employees want from the office?

Ben Page, Chief Executive Officer, Ipsos

What’s the Grade A rental growth story for 2024?

Vanessa Hale, Head of Research, Senior Director




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