Workplace Consultancy

Investing in employee experience has never been more critical. We help you invest in the right places to enhance your company’s workplace performance, create value and ensure future competitive advantage.

Workplace transformation can only be possible if all spheres of employee experience, from ESG and wellbeing to workplace digital and physical environments, are forensically examined and understood. Our five sphere approach to Workplace Consultancy integrates all the critical elements involved and overlays these with our own, independent and human-centred data that will put the spotlight on your people, your business needs and priorities.

Our multi-step collaborative process will leave you with a comprehensive workplace strategy, a blueprint for your company’s workplace future to help you achieve long term value and advantage.



Our team collaborate and workshop with you to define your leadership’s vision, stakeholder priorities and theorise what the purpose of the office is for your business. We will then provide an execution plan, and highlight milestone activities.

Data Collection

We conduct a bespoke, business wide survey, involving interviews and property and location analysis to provide an efficient and clear line of site on the issues we have identified. We pinpoint gaps between leadership and employee expectations, critical enablers and identify a full set of considerations that we recommend should inform your proposed change programme.

Translate, Validate & Workshop

Our team then collate, analyse and benchmark your data to identify strategic priorities. This is then translated into volumetric data to provide appropriate property recommendations and ensure customised work setting and accommodation provisions. Data validation and the further investigation of focus areas, through bespoke re-engagement, will provide sound rationales for our strategic recommendations.

Workplace Strategy Report

Our findings are summarised within a comprehensive report defining the positive actions to optimise your workplace and to enable your new workplace strategy. Content includes, but is not limited to: organisational change objectives, activity and employee profiling; a detailed accommodation brief (work settings that are broken down by type and spatial volumes); benchmarked workplace data; remote working considerations; exhaustive commute analysis; high level change plan; suggested new policies and behaviours; overarching space needs and technical considerations. 

Change Management

Organisational change occurs in multiple spheres and we build a tailored change plan from our five sphere workplace strategy approach to ensure nothing is considered in isolation and all activities are integrated throughout the change management plan.

Our team will then work alongside you during, and beyond, the design and construction phases to support the change transition, equipping everyone with the understanding, knowledge and skills they need for sustained adoption of your change objectives.  

Our Insights

Research and Insights

Victoria Goodings, Head of Workplace Consultancy

“The best workplaces are intentionally crafted environments designed in collaboration with those that will use them. Led by evidence, they have a defined, data led ‘why’ or strategic purpose and support both individual employee and larger group objectives”

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