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We offer a single point of contact for occupiers across the full spectrum of real estate services. 

Our Occupier Solutions team offers a single point of contact for all of your real estate needs. As the only real estate professional services provider that is part of a global financial group, we are able to provide unique access to integrated real estate and banking through BNP Paribas Group, with financial insight, products and services all under one roof*. This means that we can find the right solutions to drive strategic business decisions, not just real estate ones, and we are able to look at the full range of capital release strategies available. 

*All financial advice is provided through BNP Paribas Group, which is FCA accredited

Corporate Real Estate Strategy

We understand that a corporate real estate strategy needs to support the core aim of improving business operations. This can be achieved through detailed consideration of property options and how they can enhance commercial processes. By auditing the real estate position, we can define a range of future scenarios and deliver a holistic real estate master plan that is closely aligned with your business goals.

Business Change

Business change takes many forms, from strategies to reduce operational or capital expenditure through to growth plans requiring new property. Whether this arises from combining property portfolios through mergers and acquisitions, splitting them through divestiture or simply aiming to improve the cash position of a business, we can help develop, review and execute tailored strategies. 

Accounting Changes

Many businesses are considering the long-term implications of IFRS 16 compliance, including the effect of carrying leases on a balance sheet, appropriate lease commitments and flexible office solutions. Our team can assess the impact this new standard will have on future business and real estate strategies.

Reducing Costs and Creating Value

Identifying cost efficiencies, generating free cash flow or finding additional value through real estate can take many different forms. We work closely with BNP Paribas’ banking teams to consider different capital release strategies, from traditional products such as sale and leaseback to innovative approaches such as retail bonds, credit tenant leases and commercial mortgage-backed securities. When it comes to reducing costs, we can help with portfolio optimisation, asset plans and leasehold liability transfers.

Lease Renewals and Relocations

Whether you are renewing a lease or considering relocating, planning between 12 and 24 months in advance is key to ensuring you secure the best property solution. We work with clients to identify the opportunities presented by a lease event or a relocation, aiming to drive cost savings and deliver value.

Flexible Office Solutions

In a rapidly evolving business environment, incorporating flexible office space into a real estate strategy is an effective way to manage unexpected change and growth, whether a one-off flexible office acquisition or comprehensive real estate strategy. This could take the form of serviced, co-working, managed space or incubator hubs. 

Expanding Outside the UK

With more than 200 offices in 37 countries, we are ideally placed to help our clients expand their businesses beyond the UK. We combine international expertise with knowledge of local services through our global network of offices including platforms in Hong Kong and Dubai, and our US alliance partner Transwestern. 

Using Data More Effectively

Having easy access to high-quality data cuts costs and drives more informed decision-making. We help our clients manage and use their real estate data, whether it’s stored on our unique in-house platform or a client’s own IT environment. As well as housing data, our services include all aspects of data management and analysis, reporting, technology integration and financial services management.

Estates Management and Treasury

We provide a fully integrated estates management and treasury service tailored to fit your individual requirements. Based primarily from Birmingham our expert team will support you managing your real estate. We act as the principal point of contact with your Landlords taking the risk out of managing your business strategy. Our dedicated team can work with you to help maximise cost efficiencies through maintaining accurate lease data and challenging the invoices received by your business.

Workplace Consultancy

Workplace consultation is about optimising your work environments to suit the needs of your employees. Workplace strategists understand the impact that the physical environment can have on behaviour and performance. Brilliant workplaces will draw new and existing employees and empower them to work, think and collaborate naturally, boosting productivity.

Tom Bolland, Head of UK Occupier Solutions

“We are proud to act as a like-minded business partner for our occupier clients, and our team of passionate professionals will treat your business as if it were their own.“

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