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UK forestry and woodland specialists

For over 50 years, John Clegg & Co has been the leading UK forestry and woodland specialists.

Since 2000 we’ve used our knowledge and experience to help clients transact over £1bn of assets and provide strategic forestry advice fit for a more sustainable future.

As well as buying and selling we also value, advise on and manage our client’s forestry properties for long term benefit. Over the last year, John Clegg & Co has had three woodland creation schemes consented, with a fourth about to be approved, which will create 590 hectares of new woodland, or the equivalent to just under 1 million new trees. 

With the rising interest in natural capital, we are advising on both new sustainable revenue investment streams for farm and estate businesses and wider investment clients. We are also increasingly supporting developers, corporates and other businesses on how they can offset their carbon emissions through forests and woodland to help them meet their environmental targets.

UK forestry and woodland specialists