London, SE1 9SG

The Shard

10 - 32 desks
£1,100 per desk

24/25 The Shard is located in TOG’s Southbank neighbourhood, linking it to nearby buildings within easy walking distance, such as Scott House and 201 Borough High Street. Benefitting from the excellent transport connections of London Bridge, there’s plenty to keep you in the area, with the world famous Borough Market serving up an array of lunchtime options. Access to the riverside walk of Southbank also swiftly takes you to the Tate Modern and beyond, providing a great place to refresh on your lunch break. It’s a truly historic area that has become a cultural hotspot over the years, and the commercial potential is now booming thanks to new developments such as Borough Yards, alongside exciting new residential and commercial offerings.

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The Shard, London SE1 9SG
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