London, EC1Y 8AF

White Collar Factory

2 - 37 desks
£750 per desk

White Collar Factory is in TOG’sCity & Shoreditch neighbourhood, connecting it to buildings such as Albert House and81 Rivington Streetwithin easy walking distance.Shoreditchhas become a byword for London’s creative community for good reason –it really is the capital’s epicenterof young media and tech businesses. The area may have truly come of age now and lost some of its gritty edge, but that doesn’t mean the businesses creating buzz here are any less innovative. Its more established feel also means there are endlessbarsand restaurantsfor after work drinks or client dinners, as well as packed shopping zones such asRedchurchStreet and Curtain Road. The industrial spaces of old have now been fully reimagined as hotbeds of 21st century industry, and what’s new and next in global trends can be gauged by just walking down the street.

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White Collar Factory, London EC1Y 8AF
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