Case Study

From HS2 to Hinkley Point

We support clients impacted by some of the UK’s largest infrastructure projects helping them to get ahead, protect the value of their land, obtain the best compensation and ensure they are ready for their next chapter.

From farms and estates to businesses and individual properties, large road, rail, energy and other infrastructure projects impact all in their way.  Whether it’s an HS2, a Hinkley point or a major windfarm project, early advice puts you ahead, protects your land’s value and improves both outcome and compensation offered.

Over the last 10 years we’ve represented 15 landowners affected by the installation of electricity cables for EA 1. This is one of the world’s largest windfarm developments, covering 300 km2  with a capacity of 714MW. The cable route is 38 km long from landfall to nearest substation and had a working width equivalent to the M25. Our partnership approach brought together all landowners affected by this scheme, alongside two other agents, which helped to negotiate terms preferential to those they might have achieved through compulsory purchase.

The benefits? Clients were suitably compensated for the interest in their land and we ensured access rights and the reinstatement process were agreed from a better negotiating position and not on the back foot. For the operator, the process was smoother, with landowners willingly entering into agreements. They are also willing to work with us on crop loss claims, additional compensation agreements for machinery and compound storage areas and the complicated reinstatement process on both farmland and high value environmental areas. Being in for the long haul, managing the process, contractors and service providers throughout, has ensured very positive results for our clients’ next chapter.

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From HS2 to Hinkley Point