Case Study

Dilapidations Services for Network Rail Workplace Management

By providing strategic dilapidations advice, BNP Paribas Real Estate has helped Network Rail save millions in claims over the past decade.

Sarah Acton, Director, Building Consultancy

“We have been retained for the past 10 years to provide strategic dilapidations advice, and to negotiate and settle dilapidations claims.“

The challenge

Network Rail’s portfolio of properties includes a range of regional sites, each requiring bespoke solutions regarding dilapidations liabilities, dilapidations claims and break clauses. The client’s team includes a range of stakeholders including in-house project managers, external facilities management and solicitors, all of whom required coordination and a single point of communication.


The solution

Our specialist team provides strategy reports and critical dates for each site by assessing the dilapidations liability from a works perspective and exploring all Section 18 angles. Our robust negotiation of claims has resulted in substantial savings on dilapidations liability, while our detailed attention to specific lease requirements ensures they terminate as intended.

Dilapidations Services for Network Rail Workplace Management