'Making Places' is BNP Paribas Real Estate's Commercial Placemaking insights lab – seeking to create a new wave of creative, pragmatic cross-industry dialogue between users, landlords, developers and sector specialists. 


Increasing complexity within the built environment means that original insight, collaboration and debate are absolutely essential.

This time round we’re talking about the places in which we work - ‘Beyond the Workplace’ will explore our changing relationship with the physical workplace, which will be key to understanding its role within dynamic mixed use environments. Many of the shifts we have felt have the potential to permanently alter physical and virtual requirements for the workplace.

Within this magazine, we have brought together a raft of experts who offer an insights led approach which is essential to create meaning around the concept of ‘place’ and understanding the interrelationships between every facet of the urban environment.


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“The ability of cities to change and react rapidly means that they will remain culturally and socially significant in the long term. So where does that leave the future of work?”

Nick Robinson, Commercial Placemaking & Masterplanning
Commercial Placemaking and Masterplanning

Commercial Placemaking and Masterplanning

Find out more about how our experts create innovative and future-proof commercial spaces that respond to the rapidly evolving demands of consumers.

Making Places: The Tomorrow Shopping Centre

Discover our previous Making Places magazine, The Tomorrow Shopping Centre. In this edition, we brought together a host of like-minded specialists, all of whom have explored their ideas, thoughts and concerns on how we create a truly future-proofed Shopping Centre for tomorrow.


Making Places: The Tomorrow Shopping Centre
Offices: The Next Chapter

Offices: The Next Chapter

What is life in our offices going to look like post COVID? Our colleagues at BNP Paribas Real Estate France take a deeper look at the trends, innovations and new ways of interacting with space that are going to affect our professional spaces.


“COVID-19 is fuelling the consumerisation of real estate, where choice and flexibility and empowering the individual is prioritised.”