Compulsory Purchase and Infrastructure

As one of the largest specialist teams in the country, we advise scheme promoters and claimants on complex compulsory purchase and infrastructure issues.

Whether you are a scheme promoter or a claimant, the processes involved in a compulsory purchase order (CPO) can be both time-consuming and complex. Drawing on our expertise in valuation, compensation and planning, we deal with every aspect of compulsory purchase and infrastructure, offering procedural advice, managing tactical negotiations and preparing expert witness reports.

We are the leading adviser to commercial landowners and businesses affected by HS2, and are currently dealing with claims on Phase 1 totalling approximately £500m. With in-depth knowledge of the Statutory Procedures and Compensation Code, we are skilled at reducing the effects of blight on businesses, engaging with claimants and achieving the best possible settlements. We also have experience acting for a wide range of acquiring authorities including a number of London Boroughs.

Chris Selway, Head of Compulsory Purchase and Infrastructure

“We have over 70 years’ combined experience of handling compulsory purchase cases and work with a wide range of clients, from large corporations and local authorities to landowners and small businesses“

Compulsory Purchase – Managing Blight

Commercial landowners and businesses can face prolonged uncertainty in the run-up to their land being acquired by a compulsory purchase order. As well as guiding clients affected by blight through the complex CPO process and Compensation Code, we can negotiate with the acquiring authority regarding advance purchase and relocation, advise on preserving full market value and lobby planning authorities.

Development Consent Orders

We are experienced in advising scheme promoters on land assembly strategies and working with affected landowners to secure land acquisition through negotiated voluntary agreements, thereby reducing the need to rely on powers of compulsory acquisition.

HS2 Compensation and Relocation Negotiations

We are the UK’s leading adviser to commercial landowners affected by HS2. Our CPO advice is coordinated across our regional offices and includes formulating compensation claims, preparing expert witness reports and negotiating through to settlement. We are not on the HS2 advisory framework, and on HS2 matters we work solely for claimants, offering completely independent bespoke advice. 

Rail Property

We offer specialist advice on railway property, including valuations, management of acquisitions and lettings, negotiating easements and wayleaves, and securing access over rail for development schemes.

Easements and Wayleaves

The distribution of liquid and gaseous products through pipes, cables and commercial service media requires rights over individual land ownerships and securing routes and crossings to enable services to be connected from supply source to consumer. We are specialists in the negotiation of easements and wayleaves, and can provide portfolio review and audits and complete rent review including Expert Witness advice where required.

Ransom Negotiations

We are experienced in supporting our clients through the entire process of ransom strip negotiations, from appraisal through to final settlement, helping you unlock access while minimising costs and avoiding delays. Our team comprises experts in residential, transport and infrastructure projects for both the private and public sectors, and we understand the complexities of ransom agreements from both sides.

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