Valuation for Loan/Mortgage Security

Loans and mortgage security valuations to reduce the risk for your business


Working with BNP Paribas Real Estate will help you understand and mitigate the risk involved in your loan / mortgage security valuations. This means you can have the confidence that you will make the right decision for your business.

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Your challenges

Evaluate risk and reward

When you want to ensure a reliable return you need to clearly understand the risks involved.


  • Assess the financial risk of the property purchase


  • Understand the current LTV ratios of properties and the associated risks


  • Identify reliable advisers with high standards of due diligence


  • Reduce risk from your loan book to free up capital resources for new lending

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Our services

Make informed decisions

Our expertise in loan/mortgage security valuations will give you confidence in your decision making.


  • Valuation reports

Producing high quality reports for loans and mortgage security.


This will help you understand all the risks involved with the asset.


  • Risk management procedures

Our stringent procedures will give you comfort that the advice given is wholly independent and of the highest quality.


  • Market information

Our regional teams and research capability means that we can give you reliable advice across the property market.


Our expertise in loan/mortgage security valuations will give you confidence in your decision making.  

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The benefits to you

Expert support on complex issues

  • Highest standards of procedures

Our rigorous internal procedures will give you confidence that potential conflicts are being identified and addressed and risks managed.


  • Getting the indicators you need

Our experience of working with lenders means that we can give you the information you really need when making a financing decision.


  • Dealing with distressed sales

Our market knowledge will give you a realistic estimate of the minimum recoverable value from a distressed sale.


  • Local knowledge, international reach

Our expertise in local markets built over many years means that we can give you accurate advice on a local, national or international level.

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