Rental Value Estimate

Select the right real estate strategy based on property rental value estimation


When you are trying to decide what to do with your property you need to have confidence in your rental value estimations. By working with BNP Paribas Real Estate you have an adviser that has the experience and expertise to give you comfort in your decision making.

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Your challenges

Develop the right strategy for your building

When dealing with rental values you need to be able to make decisions based on accurate information


  • Understand the true revenue potential value of a building


  • Identify the rental values of vacant property


  • Make the right development decisions to maximise rental value

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Our services

Assess the potential of your property

Our rental valuations will help you understand the opportunities presented by your property assets.


  • Space assessment

Our valuations are calculated following a measurement of the property to achieve the highest possible accuracy.


  • Market research

Access to detailed market information will help you develop a clear understanding of current rents.


  • Rental value estimate

To ensure that you have access to an accurate assessment of the rental value of your property.

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The benefits to you

Select the right property strategy

  • Strategic decisions made with confidence

Our market knowledge and expertise will help you to make strategic decisions and manage cash flows.


  • Evaluation of scenarios

We can provide realistic valuations of development scenarios to give you the comfort that you are making the right decisions.


  • National coverage with local expertise

Our network gives us a comprehensive understanding of value at a local level giving you confidence in the numbers we provide.

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