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  • Rental Value Estimate

    Understand the opportunities presented by your property assets. ...

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  • Secured Asset Advisory

    Develop the right strategy to deal with your distressed assets. ...

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  • Valuation for Accounting Purposes

    We can give you regular reports on the value of your portfolio. ...

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  • Valuation for Legal and Fiscal Reasons

    Strategically plan your financial and legal business objectives ...

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  • Valuation for Loan/Mortgage Security

    To ensure a reliable return you need to clearly understand the ri...

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  • Valuation for Performance Monitoring

    Demonstrate the fair value of your portfolio to give your stakeho...

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  • Valuation for Transaction Purposes

    Make informed decisions about your property transactions. ...

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    UK |

    Monthly Review-October 2017

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Moon Ben

Ben Moon
Head of UK Valuation and Secured Asset Advisory
+44 (0) 20 7338 4410


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