Technical and services management

Maintaining operation and attractiveness of your building via expert technical and services management


When you work with BNP Paribas Real Estate you have a partner with a significant breadth of experience and skill in technical and services management, which means your assets will be well looked after, you’ll comply with all regulations, and your tenants will be happier.

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Reduce property costs and maintain attractiveness

When you want to reduce costs, maintaining the operation and attractiveness of your building is a real challenge


  • Optimise building maintenance costs


  • Maintain the quality of the building


  • Manage the technical services maintenance


  • Coordinate the consultants and suppliers


  • Readiness for sale

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Our services

Manage your properties’ technical needs

We can help you with the physical management of your property portfolio.


Our services include:


  • Building survey and analysis

To ensure your property is in sound condition and meets regulatory requirements.


  • Tendering and procurement management

From defining SLAs and KPIs, through to on-site monitoring.


  • Utilities management

We can assist you with the efficient supply of your utilities requirements and advise on provider selection.


  • Co-ordination of projects

We can co-ordinate the management of fit outs, building repairs and refurbishments.


  • Legal & statutory compliance

We will make sure your buildings are completely compliant with regulations.

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The benefits to you

Expert management provided at local level

  •  Lower costs

Our advice can help you to reduce costs and secure quality from all your suppliers.


  • The highest standards and procedures

Our rigorous approach to health & safety and quality management will give you peace of mind.


  • Expertly managed procurement

Our experience of managing procurement processes will help you get the best possible deals.


  • National coverage with local expertise

We have people throughout the county which means we can manage your properties without the need for third parties.

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Steve Harber
Head of Property Management
Property Management
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