Lease management

Property lease management expertise to maximise income from your buildings


Working with BNP Paribas Real Estate gives you expert management of your buildings’ leases. This will help you protect your tenant relationships as well as your income.

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Maximise income from your buildings

When you want to maximise the income from your buildings, it is important to manage the administration of the tenants’ leases


  • Ensure prompt rent collection


  • Manage debt collection, guarantees and insurance


  • Ensure tenant compliance with lease terms


  • Pre-empt market cycles


  • Readiness for sale.

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Our services

Pro-actively manage your properties’ leases

We can help you manage the administration of all of your buildings’ leases


  • Administrative management

To ensure your tenant leases are managed effectively and disputes are resolved.


  • Lease events and rent reviews

We will help you prepare for lease renewals, break clauses and rent reviews, using independent experts where necessary.


  • Income collection

We can collect rents and recover debts so that your income is protected.


  • Building inspections

We can liaise with third parties to arrange inspections and resolve any problems with your tenants.

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The benefits to you

Your leases managed expertly across all of your portfolios

  • Expert knowledge 

Our experience of landlord and tenant relationships will mean that you are well prepared for your lease breaks and rent reviews.


  • Maximise your income

We have strict processes in place to collect rents, giving you peace of mind that your income is protected.


  • Market-leading research

We work with our research team to pre-empt market cycles, helping you plan strategically for changes in leases and tenant trends.


  • Portfolio management

Our experience dealing with portfolios of all sizes will give you confidence that your single-let and multi-let properties are in safe hands.

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Head of Property Management
Property Management
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