Sustainability Compliance and Certification

Improve your building through environmental best practice and property sustainability advice


Working with BNP Paribas Real Estate gives you a partner with considerable experience in implementing environmental management systems. This will help you enhance the value of your property, attract new tenants and retain those you have already.

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Manage the sustainability of your building and improve its performance

When you want to build tenant attractiveness, achieving sustainability compliance is a valuable yet complex task


  • Achieve sustainability compliance and certification


  • Cut water use and reduce waste and pollution


  • Apply environmental management system


  • Develop a strategy to improve your estate 

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Our services

Achieve your sustainability targets

We can help you improve the sustainability of your property


  • Initial risk assessment

By gathering, managing and analysing data to ensure compliance.


  • Maximise efficiencies

We will reduce the operational and associated costs of your building by taking early action measures to maximize energy efficiency.


  • Sustainability strategy

We will help you find the best solution for your property, the standards you should adopt and explain the benefits you will get.


  • Certification process

By monitoring and your progress against the quality indicators we will help you achieve certification.


  • Environmental management strategy

We can help you manage waste performance, water and biodiversity.

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The benefits to you

Increase the value and attractiveness of your building

  • Increase value and reduce costs

We will help you increase the value of your building by helping you attain environmental standards and increase efficiencies.


  • Developing environmental expertise

We actively develop and train our employees and business partners to ensure you act on accurate and up to date advice. 


  • Market analysis

By monitoring changes in regulation we can ensure your strategy addresses current and future standards.


  • Best practice approach

We regularly review our environmental procedures to give you a best practice you can have confidence in.

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Nick Hillard

Nick Hillard
Sustainability manager
+44 (0) 20 7338 4103


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