Transaction support

Providing transaction support for your property acquisition and sales strategy


Working with our Investment Management team enables you to outsource the technical aspect of due diligence. You consequently gain the benefit of greater leverage in your negotiations with a shared desire to see your investment plans succeed.

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Your challenges

To ensure your acquisition or sales strategy is successful

For portfolio optimisation purposes, you want to delve deeper in your market or product analysis so that you can:


  • Identify acquisition or disposal opportunities in line with your strategy


  • Gather relevant information and tools to underpin your decisions


  • Successfully complete your transactions with support from experts

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Our services

Helping and advising you during acquisitions and disposals

Our experts support and guide you from asset selection through to transaction completion, assisting in:


  • Identifying opportunities - our experts identify and recommend property assets in line with your strategy.


  • Analysing properties - we assess the property’s value, physical condition and environmental characteristics (construction and operation). During this phase, we analyse the property’s potential (service coverage, location, the need for work to be carried out) and the risks associated with the property (obsolescence, non-compliance, rental risk).


  • Analysing the market - with support from our research department, we take a detailed look at comparable transactions.


  • Analysing prices - we analyse the proposed price and make recommendations for negotiations.


  • Support and guidance in your transactions - we manage the RFP process, technical and financial due diligence (supervision and analysis of the technical assessment and audit in particular), we coordinate dealings with all the parties involved and we conduct the negotiations.

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The benefits to you

Preferrential access to market opportunities

Receive support and guidance in your transactions from recognised experts, delivering you:


  • The strength of an international network - our position as the European leader and our preferential relationships with many on- and off-market partners enable us to be attentive to markets, to detect opportunities and to help you take advantage of them with first-rate access to existing properties, leased or otherwise, assets under development (off-plan sales), or those requiring restructuring or renovation.


  • A bespoke approach - a dedicated team offer day-to-day support and guidance on your acquisition or disposal requirements. This team ensures that transactions match your requirements and objectives.


  • Market intelligence - our research department, which maintains European transaction databases covering main categories of property, produces reports and analysis which support our thought processes and our investment recommendations to our clients.

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Francis Martin

Martin Francis
Head of Investment Management
Investment Management
+44 (0) 20 7389 6058


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