With our Partners

International Sustainability Alliance for property industry  


With our Partners

BNP Paribas Real Estate Investment Services - a founding member of ISA

The ISA (International Sustainability Alliance) is a global network of property industry stakeholders, made up of property developers, owners, occupiers and investors. They share the common goal of needing to understand and control the implementation of sustainable development policy within the built environment.

ISA has defined a benchmark for the main energy efficiency indicators (CO2 emissions, water and energy use).


Involvement today to prepare for tomorrow

Our employees are involved in a number of industry think tanks.

For example, in France, we are involved in working parties on:

  • establishing HQE benchmarks with CERTIVEA and QUALITEL;
  • the 'Plan Bâtiment Grenelle' , the building action plan within the French government-sponsored, multi-party environmental forum,
  • 'Green Building', tasked with coordinating environmental quality policies with international standards.

In the UK, we are involved in the Sustainable Development Forum, providing advice and taking part in discussions on how to improve sustainability in development.

With a presence in 36 countries, BNP Paribas Real Estate has a global reach, offering our clients in Asia, Middle East and North America unparalleled European expertise.
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