Due Diligence and Audit

Enhance your estate with due diligence and audit information


BNP Paribas Real Estate has the technical expertise to give you full visibility of your property portfolio. The due diligence and audit information you receive will enable you to adopt the right strategy to enhance your estate

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Your challenges

Develop the right strategy for your portfolio

Making the right property decisions can be a challenge without complete and accurate information


  • Understand the make up, issues and value of your portfolio
  • Analyse how potential purchases will fit with your existing estate
  • Adopt the right purchase strategy to build your portfolio
  • Access concise and reliable data on your portfolio

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Our services

Make informed decisions

We can give you complete understanding of a portfolio through due diligence and audit procedures.


Our services include:


  • Portfolio audit

We will provide an audit of your commercial documentation to help you understand your portfolio.


  • Property analysis

To help you understand costs, risks and values.


  • Access to market knowledge

We will make sure you have detailed market information and are aware of relevant opportunities.


  • Data assessments

We will check the validity of data on which you are making purchase decisions.


  • Portfolio analysis

We will complete detailed site inspections and due diligence on a sample of the properties and extrapolate the results over the portfolio.

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The benefits to you

Enhance the value of your portfolio

  • Defend price

Our rigorous processes and understanding of the market will prevent bids being altered due to undisclosed issues and inaccuracies.


  • Swift property consolidation strategy

We can help you consolidate your portfolio after a purchase through our technical advice and understanding of lease expiries.


  • Demonstrate portfolio value

By illustrating your portfolio’s track record and the opportunities it presents we can help you generate higher purchase bids.

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