Tenant Representation

Enhance your occupational real estate with our Tenant Representation advice


Our Tenant Representation team only advise occupiers and therefore provide truly unbiased independent advise. This will help you ensure that your property or portfolio of properties meet the current and future needs of your business in an efficient manner.

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Your challenges

Manage the efficient acquisition and disposal of property

When you want to align your property to your business needs, making the right transactional decisions can be a real challenge


  • Locate appropriate new premises in a timely manner
  • Identify the property needs of your business and appraise options
  • Manage the efficient disposal of surplus property
  • Acquire accommodation to meet business needs

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Our services

Enhance the value from your estate

We can help you negotiate transactions throughout your portfolio to improve its value to your business


Our services include:


  • Business appraisal

We will appraise your business to understand your property needs in terms of space, timing, location and price.

  • Workplace strategy

We work closely with our Building consultancy team to provide workplace strategy and space optimisation advice to help best use the property for your business needs.

  • Property Search and Acquisition

By identifying both “off-market” and “on-market” opportunities within your requirement parameters we will help you select the right property and negotiate the optimum terms to deliver the best result.


  • Disposal strategy

We will help you develop a strategy as to the best routes for disposal.


  • Surrender opportunities

By targeting surrender opportunities we will help you extract value from your lease negotiations.

  • Lease re-negotiations

Spotting opportunities to re-negotiate existing leases to improve the lease terms and extract value.


  • Independent advice

We will provide independent advice in the form of business cases and financial appraisals to support your decision making.

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The benefits to you

Efficient management of transactions

  • Faster results on better terms

Our experienced team will closely manage the local agents to enable informed decision making and ensure your properties are prioritised.


  • Negotiating the right result

Our expertise and understanding of the property market will help us negotiate terms that are aligned with your occupational requirements.


  • Efficient disposal of liabilities

By applying our knowledge and understanding of your requirements we can analyse the options and dispose of your liabilities quickly.


  • Building consultancy advice

Our building consultancy team can advise on fit out procurement and design, project management, programme management and monitoring as well as due diligence surveys.

  • Single point of contact

By giving you a single point of contact we will be able to provide you with a clear strategic overview and regular updates on progress.

Your Contact

Ben Thomson

Ben Thomson
Senior Director, Central London, Tenant Representation
+44 (0) 20 7338 4815


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