Compulsory Purchase & Infrastructure

Ensure you have the best advice to achieve the best possible result when dealing with Statutory Powers.

Whether you are a Scheme Promoter or a Claimant the processes involved in a Compulsory Purchase Order can be both time-consuming and complex. BNP Paribas Real Estate’s dedicated and vastly experienced national team is geared to advising and managing the process for both scheme promoters and claimants all over the UK.

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Your Objectives

Why you may need CPO

Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO) are being adopted more regularly as a tool to enable public authorities, developers and infrastructure providers  deliver key regeneration and infrastructure projects. Government investment in transport and energy infrastructure and the need to unlock major sites to increase housing supply will see increasing use of CPO.

As a Scheme Promoter you will need to ensure that the process is well managed with a consistent but flexible approach to provide delivery of the scheme on time and within budget. Accurate claims assessments and working hand in hand with environmental and engineering consultants are important factors.

As a claimant, whether you are a commercial investor, developer, landlord or business occupier, you will need clear advice on how to respond to the threat of having your property acquired, whether it be on how best to manage property blighted by the shadow of  CPO, or  to ensure that your interests are protected and you receive the best compensation possible in accordance with  the ‘Compensation Code’.

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Our services

A wealth of experience advising scheme promoters and claimants

When acting for Scheme Promoters, the specialist team can provide expert advice on:

  • The process of making a CPO or Development Consent order (DCO);
  • Preparation of comprehensive Property Cost Estimates;
  • Managing acquisition and compensation negotiations from start to finish – either by agreement ahead of the CPO or in pursuance of the powers granted by the relevant statutory powers;
  • Evidence production as Expert Witness at Public Inquiry or Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)

When acting for Claimants, the specialist team can provide expert advice on:

  • Preparation of objections to a CPO or DCO;
  • Formulating strategy and conducting negotiations with the acquiring authority/developer before the CPO is confirmed;
  • How to effectively manage Blight in the shadow of the scheme;
  • Assist with the preparation of evidence for public inquiry or Parliamentary Select Committee;
  • Preparation of your claim – including all aspects of  compensation you may be entitled to;
  • Negotiating on your behalf  to secure the appropriate compensation for land taken;
  • Expert evidence for Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) in support of your claim.
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The Benefits to You

How BNP Paribas Real Estate can help

The BNP Paribas Real Estate’s specialist team’s wide ranging skills and over 75 years of accumulated knowledge will ensure you get:

  • In-depth knowledge of the CPO / DCO process;
  • Clear and concise advice on the issues affecting you, with practical and commercially astute solutions to ensure the best possible outcome;
  • Access to BNP Paribas Real Estate’s wealth of knowledge from our agency, valuation, planning, building and lease advisory teams;
  • A truly nationwide service.

Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

Experts in all aspects of CPO procedure and the assessment of compensation

CPO Managing Blight

Specialist advice for landowners and businesses facing uncertainty

Ransom Agreements

Protect and maximise the value of your interests

Easements and Wayleaves

Specialist utility infrastructure negotiations

Your Contacts

Selway Chris

Chris Selway
Senior Director, CPO & Infrastructure
+44 (0) 11 7984 8480 


Derry Mockett

Derry Mockett
Director, Compulsory Purchase & Infrastructure
+44 (0) 117 984 8424


John Davies

John Davies
Director, Compulsory Purchase & Infrastructure
+44 (0) 117 984 8412


Daniel Parry-Jones

Daniel Parry-Jones
Director, Compulsory Purchase & Infrastructure
+44 (0) 117 984 8418


Julia Lock

Julia Lock
Associate Director, Compulsory Purchase & Infrastructure
+44 (0) 11 7984 8417


With a presence in 36 countries, BNP Paribas Real Estate has a global reach, offering our clients in Asia, Middle East and North America unparalleled European expertise.
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