Project Monitoring

Project Monitoring Expertise for Commercial Property


Working with BNP Paribas Real Estate gives you access to a wealth of appraisal and project monitoring expertise. This will help you make the right real estate decisions, ensuring that your property is built to the highest quality.

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Reduce the risks associated with project monitoring

If you are acquiring a new or refurbished building from a developer, there are many risks that you coul face including:


  • Adequately defining and agreeing the performance, specification and plans of the building to be delivered by the developer. This could impact on future flexibility and operational performance.


  • Defining mechanisms for change management and integration of the occupiers' fit out.


  • Managing quality of design, construction and handover.


  • Delivering optimal future operational performance.


  • Risk identification and management.

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Our services

Monitor the quality of your development project

We will manage your risk on your behalf:


  • Early involvement in defining and agreeing technical performance and design documentation of key building elements. This maximises your position and helps prevent previously agreed enhancements being omitted.


  • Appraisal of the design development to ensure that the design is being progressed in accordance with the specifications, good design practice and with due consideration of operational performance.


  • Project monitoring during construction involves periodic site inspections to ensure that the developer is providing what has been agreed to the correct standard, and is on programme.


  • Providing an independant view throughout the design and construction will provide you with certainly of outcome, removing the chance of leaving you wholly reliant on the developer for compliance and quality. Minimising fit out cost, programme and future maintenance cost liabilities.

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The benefits to you

Manage costs and increase quality

Benefits that we have delivered to clients include:


  • Total monitoring fee cost recovered - on the majority of projects, the value of our fee is recovered by enhanced design, improved quality and performance, and defect avoidance.


  • Quality and cost in use savings - we have achieved significant cost in use savings, in one case millions of pounds, to clients both in terms of reducing fit out costs, minimising change, and future operational performance.


  • Correct selection of materials - to ensure longevity of performance and reduce your maintenance costs.


  • Fire and life safety - we have experienced common issues with fire rated construction not being designed and/or built correctly, failing to meet minimum health and safety standards.

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Ian Bragg
Head of Building Consultancy
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Tim Edmunds
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Barry Walker
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