Minimise and mitigate your risk


By choosing BNP Paribas Real Estate you have a partner with vast experience in Building Surveying and Technical Due Diligence. This means you will fully understand the condition of a building, the risk and opportunities it presents and have confidence in your decision making.

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Reduce risk in your property decisions

You need full visibility of a building’s condition and its usable lifetime to protect your business, to reduce your risks to strengthen your negotiating position. Challenges include:


  • Understanding the condition of the building and potential risks.


  • Identifying the necessary repair or refurbishment costs.


  • Assessing how long a property will remain usable


  • Evaluate whether a building is suitable for your purposes or market expectations


  • Identifying alternative use scenarios.

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Our services

Understand the condition of a building

We can help you to determine if a building is fit for purpose and structurally sound.


  • Building surveys - to help you understand the condition of a building’s structure, fabric and finishes.


  • Occupational assessments - to ensure a building meets your requirements in terms of capacity, running costs and environmental factors and is of a standard that represents market standards.


  • Negotiating the condition of the space - Agreeing any necessary repairs or refurbishment prior to occupation, or negociating a reduction in price or increase in incentives.


  • Regulatory advice - assessing and reporting on compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.


  • Specialist surveys - we manage and coordinate specialist consultant engineers, environmental specialists and report on matters requiring further detailed investigations.

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The benefits to you

Increase value and understanding

  • Maximise certainty - our knowledge and expertise will give you full visibility of a building enabling you to make informed decisions. 


  • Occupy a space that is fit for purpose - by using our experience and negotiation skills we will work to reduce your exposure to the necessary repairs, before you occupy the building.


  • Enhance your investment  with specialist advice - we will advise on improvements that could be made and opportunities to increase investment value.


  • Protect your investment value - our experience will help you negotiate the sale price or serve schedules of dilapidations on tenants where repairs are necessary.

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Ian Bragg

Ian Bragg
Head of Building Consultancy
+44 (0) 207 338 4285


With a presence in 36 countries, BNP Paribas Real Estate has a global reach, offering our clients in Asia, Middle East and North America unparalleled European expertise.
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