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Mon, 25/04/2022 - 12:00
· 1 min read

Offices: A New Chapter Trendbook

The exponential rise in remote working may have fundamentally changed how we work, but it hasn't taken away the desire to have a physical location which offers services that cannot be replaced.

Across Europe, countries have had to manage the COVID-19 crisis, learning how to adapt to a new way of living and working, whilst at the same time ensuring that the social ties between people were maintained. It is in this way that a new type of office has emerged, one that is hybrid, connected and promotes the need for collaboration and creativity. If people are to come back to the office, they must be brought back for valid reasons and ultimately feel good within their professional workplace.

In our latest Trendbook, Offices: A New Chapter, our experts from across Europe share their thoughts on what the future of the office can and should look like. Mixing key market figures with expert analysis, this publication aims to reimagine the office as we know it, in a way that suits the needs of today and tomorrow.  


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Offices: A New Chapter Trendbook